Projects Moving forward

The Dog Park is in full operation, since posted on Google we have many tourist passing through Large dog area is 30k sq' Small dog area 10k sq'.  front entrance pavilion is complete concrete done. Handy Cap access, EVERYONE MUST obey the rules, absolutely no kids running and screaming, NO sports playing, its a Dog Park not a play ground. Enjoy  

Remaining to do with construction.

 Finish water line, Install water area, Pictures show progress,

will update photos end of Sept 2019 

Monitor this web page for more news, any question contact Trustee Brian Francis Coordinator and Project Manager of Park @ 978-836-9823 or 

Continue  improvements

Go to drop down click on Craig Park Dog Park

Or send to Painted Post 261 Steuben st 14870 attn: Dog Park


Craig Park -Dog park location

Park Rules

Use of this park constitutes your agreement with the following:


Hours: 24 hrs, may be closed as conditions require, 

  • Use at your own risk, you are responsible for damage or injury inflicted by your dog
  • Neither Painted Post nor any of its agencies or volunteers shall be liable for any injury or damage caused in the park
  • All rules governing parks and relevant parking regulations apply
  • Maximum of 3 dogs per adult permitted at one time
  • Children under the age of 12 yrs of age are not permitted inside the dog park
  • Minors under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult
  • Aggressive behavior (from dogs or people) requires immediate removal


  • Food, alcoholic beverages, glass containers
  • Bicycles, strollers, skate boards, roller blades, bare feet
  • Running, shouting or screaming


 All dogs must be leashed while entering and exiting the park.

  • All dogs must wear current license/ID and rabies tags
  • Prohibited:
  • Choke, prong or spike collars
  • Female dogs in heat
  • Puppies younger than 4 months old
  • Unaltered male dogs
  • Aggressive dog behavior or excessive barking
  • Toys of any kind except tennis balls

Dog Handlers:

  • Poop happens- please use bags and receptacles
  • Fill in any holes your dog digs
  • Have a leash in possession at all times
  • Keep dogs within sight and vocal commands at all times
  • Wait until gated entry is free of other dogs and people before entering

Violation of these regulations may result in loss of dog park use privileges